What Motivates Us to Help the Children's Justice Centers in Salt Lake County?

At Friends of the Salt Lake County Children's Justice Center, we strive to do all we can to support the Salt Lake County Children's Justice Centers by providing community education and the raising of funds for the centers, so they can afford to continue the amazing work they do for the children in our communities every day.

We support the Children's Justice Center for the following reasons:

  • COPE: By supporting the Children's Justice Center, we strive to make a difference for children and families in our community.
  • SAFE: We want children and families to relax in a cozy place where people care, such as the Children's Justice Center.
  • COURAGE: We know that speaking up about abuse is easier at the Children's Justice Center.
  • NO SILENCE: Each voice matters and deserves to be heard. The Children's Justice Center is organized to help with this complex process.
  • HOPE: It feels good to know that abuse can stop, and the caring staff at the Children's Justice Center helps restore that hope every day.
  • SUPPORT: Children and families are not alone and our community really does cares. The Children's Justice Center is proof of this.
  • HEALING: We believe Children can recover from their experience with abuse and through the services provided by the Children's Justice Center, children can begin to embrace their future once again!
What is the Children's Justice Center?
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