What it Means to be a Friend

Posted on Apr 27th 2022


What it Means to be a Friend

child abuse in our community

The Calvin and Hobbes comics teach many important life lessons. One of the most important being, “Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend.” But what does it mean to be a friend?

Is a friend someone who laughs at your jokes? Is it someone who shares the same hobbies as you? Or is it someone whose world randomly collided with yours?

While friends change with each season of life and every friend is different, there are a few key ingredients that make someone a friend. Some of the most important ingredients of a friend are trust, consistency, and support.

  • Trust: A friend is both trusting and can be trusted, providing a place of safety and transparency.
  • Consistency: A friend does not waver with life’s highs and lows but is consistent.
  • Support: A friend supports you on your journey by offering both motivation and celebration along the way.

While these ingredients are critical to being a friend, perhaps the most important aspect of a friend is this: a friend is someone who shows up for you. On the best days and the worst days, a friend chooses to be present.

Woodrow Wilson famously said, “Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.” Friendship is the backbone to our communities, which is why the Friends nonprofit chooses to be a trustworthy, consistent, supportive friend of both the Salt Lake County Children’s Justice Center (CJC) and the children it serves.

The Friends builds trust through its financial accountability, shows consistency by showing up and doing more year-over-year, and supports the CJC through its programs. The tangible results of this friendship look like children receiving the support of trained and dedicated staff, a comfortable environment, funds to cover emergencies like food, shelter, and clothing, and much more - all with the goal of being a friend to children in the community.

The Friends is a friend of children throughout Salt Lake County by helping child victims of crime recover from the damaging physical, mental, and spiritual effects of their abuse. The Friends supports the CJC to ensure that children have a consistent, trusting place to support the healing journey that no child should have to experience.

More than anything, the Friends shows up when it is needed, offering whatever help possible to the CJC and the children it serves.

Similarly, you can be a friend of children in the community by offering your support. Donate today to show up for children in the Salt Lake community. And to become a consistent friend, sign up for a recurring monthly donation.