Being Wowed By The Emergency Teams At The CJCSLC

Posted on Jul 27th 2023


Being Wowed By The Emergency Teams At The CJCSLC

Although rewarding, working with child victims of crime and their families day in and day out to help find hope and turn trauma into resilience is hard work, and the multidisciplinary team (MDT) is on the front lines of working with children and parents who go through abuse. The MDT team consists of the best of the best individuals in their profession and includes:

  • Child protective services
  • DA Prosecutors
  • Victim Support Services staff
  • Safe and Healthy Families (SHF) nurses
  • Law enforcement Advocates

Children’s Justice Center of Salt Lake County staff members from the office of District Attorney, Sim Gill, alongside the Friends Executive Director, Angela Martindale, (supported by Executive Assistant Lauren Schmaltz, and Marketing Director, Carrie Hill), kicked off the event with a welcome and thank you message recognizing and celebrating the amazing MDT members who work with the CJCSLC to make sure that the children and parents/caregivers served by the CJCSLC feel safe in sharing their story. The event was catered by ZAO Cafe who provided a Hawaiian themed lunch, with drinks by @swirecocacolausa, outdoor games, and ended with the WOW awards (recognizing exemplary service) among the various MDT branches. Thank you to all of the MDT’s that attended the event. You matter. We care and we appreciate you.