What Does It Mean to Be a Friends Hero

Posted on Dec 7th 2023


What Does It Mean to Be a Friends Hero

We know you have many amazing community charity donation options during the holiday season. We appreciate your continued support of the Friends over the past 30 years and we would be honored to have your financial support again this year. With your help, we have been able to support the CJC in their work to serve over 3,700 families and child victims in Salt Lake County in 2023. Your donations have directly impacted families by providing; crisis care, comfort items, waiting room snacks, gift cards for victims in need of immediate food and safety, medical and investigative support and facility maintenance for families and children to feel safe and calm when they need the CJC services. These elements cost thousands of dollars and would not be provided without you. If you have given a donation to our organization, regardless of the size, you are a Friends Hero.

As the festive season begins, we are putting out a distress call to all of our Friends, wherever you are, for some much needed hero support. Here are a few ways we invite you to get involved with us this holiday.

Gift Cards: More Than a Nice Gesture

Gift cards are always on display at grocery stores and supermarkets. They are perfect for last minute birthday or holiday gifts. This holiday season, we hope you consider picking up a gift card to support the CJC on your way to the checkout line (or online for you virtual shoppers).Why a gift card? Some families and child victims of abuse that visit the CJC experience additional hardship and need emergency funding for shelter, food, clothing, or transportation to help them transition into a safer space. Gift cards ranging from $25-50 to support families in crisis are especially helpful. These can be prepaid Visa cards or gift cards to Walmart or Smiths. You can even create a gift card drive for your friends and family to participate in and share the holiday giving spirit with those you love.

When you are ready to make your individual or group gift card donation, just email [email protected] to schedule a drop off at the Salt Lake County Children’s Justice Center. We’ll take it from there.

An image of gift cards from friends - Friends of The Childrens Justice Center.

Join Our Rise to Thrive Project

We believe that kids who are recovering from abuse need steady encouragement and support. We are excited to share our “Rise to Thrive” end of year project with an invitation for you to join us during the month of December.

Learn more about participating in Rise to Thrive.

An image of a child - rise to thrive with Friends of The Childrens Justice Center.

Joy Is Knowing Your Donation Does Good

We know that in order to do good, you have to feel good about the organization you are giving to, which is why we are proud to announce our Guidestar/Candid Platinum Charity Status. This recognition symbolizes the highest level of organizational, government and public donation transparency and means you can trust us to respect your donation. As you consider your options for charities to donate to for the upcoming holidays, we invite you to feel good about partnering with us to help child victims of abuse and their caregivers, get the support they need for an opportunity to thrive. No one should suffer from abuse. Every kid deserves a friend.

Want to create a holiday donation drive for your company, department or team? You can turn any of the donation options mentioned in our newsletter into a group effort for extra holiday cheer!

Make your donation today.

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