Know The Numbers — Understanding child abuse statistics

Posted on Jul 19th 2022

Each year the Children’s Bureau publishes data on child maltreatment throughout the United States, showing the prevalence of child abuse, tracking trends of abuse, and educating the general population. By understating these statistics, we can better understand the reality of child abuse in our society and change that reality to create a brighter future for children.

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A Summer of Fun in Salt Lake County

Posted on Jun 14th 2022

School is out, and warm weather is here. But what’s the best way to spend long summer days? We’ve collected a few of our favorite activities throughout Salt Lake County to inspire your summer plans and help your kids enjoy their summer off. Discover how you and your family can escape to the mountains, continue learning throughout the summer, catch special events, and get sporty before fall comes with its cool weather.

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How Being a Friend Transforms Trauma: One Board Member’s Story

Posted on May 13th 2022

We were fortunate enough this week to interview Colby Wilcock who is both the President of the Friends Board of Directors and a person with lived experience. Here is his account of what being a “Friend” means in his life and how it helped him transform his trauma into resilience.

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What it Means to be a Friend

Posted on Apr 27th 2022

While friends change with each season of life and every friend is different, there are a few key ingredients that make someone a friend. Some of the most important ingredients of a friend are trust, consistency, and support.

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Dispelling Myths About Child Abuse

Posted on Mar 21st 2022

Child abuse is an uncomfortable topic that many people avoid discussing. As a result, there are several misconceptions surrounding the topic. We encourage you to become a better advocate for the children in your community by helping dispel some of the common myths of child abuse. Keep reading to uncover the real truths about child abuse.

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