Gratitude Activities to Try this Holiday Season

Posted on Nov 1st 2022

Looking for ways to practice gratitude this holiday season? The Friends of the Children's Justice Center Salt Lake County has great ways to give thanks and give back. Click to learn more!

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Ways to Be a Friend this Fall

Posted on Sep 14th 2022

This fall is packed with opportunities to be a friend. Whether you like the challenge of a long bike ride, love spending cool fall days picking pumpkins, or enjoy a night out at a masquerade, the Friends of the Friends of the Children's Justice Center Salt Lake County has an event for you. Explore each event and discover how you can participate to be a friend.

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Back to School Safety

Posted on Aug 1st 2022

Summer is winding down and school supplies are filling the aisles of stores. It is time to head back to school! As kids are picking out their first-day-of-school outfits, read through our top three tips for teachers and parents to help keep kids safe.

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Know The Numbers � Understanding child abuse statistics

Posted on Jul 19th 2022

Each year the Children�s Bureau publishes data on child maltreatment throughout the United States, showing the prevalence of child abuse, tracking trends of abuse, and educating the general population. By understating these statistics, we can better understand the reality of child abuse in our society and change that reality to create a brighter future for children.

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A Summer of Fun in Salt Lake County

Posted on Jun 14th 2022

School is out, and warm weather is here. But what�s the best way to spend long summer days? We�ve collected a few of our favorite activities throughout Salt Lake County to inspire your summer plans and help your kids enjoy their summer off. Discover how you and your family can escape to the mountains, continue learning throughout the summer, catch special events, and get sporty before fall comes with its cool weather.

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