Children's Justice Center Annual Report

Our Mission

The mission of the Friends of the Children's Justice Center charitable organization is to provide the support needed to help child victims of crime recover from the damaging physical, mental, and spiritual effects of their abuse. Through our fundraising efforts we help support the program costs, basic essential client needs, and furnishings for the facilities. Our fundraising efforts provide the means to finance specialized forensic equipment needed at the facilities which provide a private and comfortable environment for children already traumatized from the abuse they have experienced. Funding also provides specialized training for new caseworkers, detectives, and prosecutors to gain advanced skills in interviewing child victims for their witness statements about the crime which are essential so that healing and justice can begin. We exist to support the healing journey that no child should have to experience.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors donate substantial time to support the program and serve without compensation. The Board is comprised of representatives in business and community.

President - Colby Wilcock

Founding Partner, Ninthroot

Legal Counsel - Emily Wright

Associate, Kirton McConkie

Co-Vice President - Kalab Cox


Treasurer - Alisa Webb

Haynie & Company

Fundraising - Kara Jenkins


Networking - Troy Foote

Troy Foote Real Estate Group, LLC


Teresa Barnes

Advisory, Friends of Children’s Justice Center Salt Lake County


Sierra Hughes

Development Consultant, Friends of Children’s Justice Center Salt Lake County

Lauren Schmalz

Contracted Development Coordinator, Friends of Children’s Justice Center Salt Lake County

Ex Officio Members:

Susanne Mitchell

Director, Children’s Justice Center Salt Lake County

Children's Justice Center Sponsor

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